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Green Laning in the Surrey Hills

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Today I took the Landrover and a friend from the village for a small green laning expedition. Guy has a Jeep, and was wondering what all the fuss was about – so I offered a few weeks ago to go out with him to see what it was like.

Landrover in the sunshine on Leith Hill

Green Laning in Surrey

We did a few lanes – past Coldharbour cricket pitch towards Leith Hill Tower and then back to the road, Coldharbour to Wooton – a long and varied track with some awesome views of Dorking, and then we went to Ranmore and trundled gently down to the back of East Horsley.
That was three attractive and relatively straightforward runs – Guy got a chance to drive, and we had a very pleasant afternoon out in the sunshine. Not very muddy, and we met a small convoy of various Landrovers on the Leith Hill track. Plenty of walkers and some crazy cycle riders who whizzed past without warning.

Work on Movable Type

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Having spent the best part of a couple of days this week working on a Movable Type installation that needs to be migrated for a business RBI sold recently, I’m getting more than a little frustrated. Months ago I specified the MT version they needed, and then about 5 weeks ago provided them with a back-up file to test with. Looks like they did nothing with all that – until this week – and now it’s absolutely crucial that they get this productionised NOW!! I’ve almost completely rebuilt their installation to something a little bit sane, but they still have problems with imports – I did two just fine today – and there are some horrible problems with the content which looks like it’s been badly constructed with absolute links for pictures and other assets. It’s enough to make one weep! I’m wondering if I should offer to do this freelance for them at the weekend – a good rate to charge might be what the Landrover garage charge for working on the car. Might make them think, though. Perhaps I should sell them hosting as well!

James May and the Landrover

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

I just wanted to include this link to words by James May about the Landrover Defender.  In case you don’t know, that’s what I drive.  Just great fun.  I love thinking that I can go absolutely anywhere (and with the TD5, sometimes quite fast!)

P717 JKO Crashed near Reigate on Flanchford Road in August 2007

P717 JKO Crashed near Reigate on Flanchford Road in August 2007

Remember, they are tough motors: you can do this to them and walk away (no, actually I climbed out of the sunroof!) with only a broken thumb.  This is the one I rolled on a back road near Reigate in the summer of 2007.

When looking for a replacement I wasn’t too sure if the dealer sitting next to me on a test drive was too happy that he’d asked why I was looking for a new one.

More snow and chaos on the roads

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Woke up this morning to new snow – another 2″ or so, which has fallen during the night.  Set off for work in the Landrover at 0800hrs, and although the roads are quite drivable and the landy coped just fine, the traffic was a nightmare.  By the time I got to Betchworth the pass through the North Downs at Pebblecombe was closed, the A25 movement going East was like driving in cold treacle – and the radio reports of the M25 junction at Reigate was that it was virtually gridlocked.  Decided best course was to return and WFH today.

Now I’m stuck trying to get Citrix to work the way I want!

Still #uksnow RH5 1/10