Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • Raspberries, at last! #
  • Hey, @O2, once again a really c**p signal here in the area south of Dorking. Bad all day today and not just for me – friends said how poor #
  • Amazing real-time map of underground trains as they run around London #
  • After long long call @O2 confirm there is a "cellsite problem" in area south of Dorking. Why take so long admit a probem? #O2fail #
  • TV one end of office, Internet viewers at the other: Cheers and gasps divided by short delay. #DigitalDivide ? #
  • RT @kenwolf: I too use Java. 🙂 <=Made me laugh out loud in the office (the video, that is!) #
  • Off to the Cock & Bull for a beer. #
  • Off to a wedding shortly. Long hot journey ahead. #
  • Now stopped at the biggest dolls house shop possibly in the UK so Grace excited but I have to sit in car with air con and look after the … #
  • Cake #
  • Waiting for the bride to arrive #
  • Ceremony done. Photos in progress #
  • Amazing disco where djs are participating like i have never seen before #
  • Questions that don't need an immediate detailed answer: Munch munch "Daddy, What's black pudding made from?" munch. "Err….Meat!". #

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