Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • I am reverse enginineering smtp/mail configs on web servers. How we send email at all I just don't know! Forced config changes in store. #
  • Off to do a school run on a pleasant sunny morning. #
  • Time to catch up with a cup of nice Earl Grey tea. #
  • Linguine with creme fraiche, a dash of olive oil, finely chopped mush and toms with fresh thyme, basil and chives from the garden. Mmmmm. #
  • Bloglines has become irritatingly flakey of late – so now trying alternative feed readers and having to get used to different view/usage. #
  • Looks like some dubious SIP calls from China into my Asterisk server are trying it on. #
  • Looks like some dubious SIP calls from China are attempting to get into my Asterisk server. #
  • Looks like Twitter refusing at ack tweets, but posting them anyway. #
  • Just completed a valve regenerative radio kit. Aerial attatched and the first distinguishable sounds are a Vuvuzela chorus! It works. #
  • Emptied shed to extract lawnmower – then it starts spitting with rain. Everything goes back. Try again tomorrow I think. #
  • For the first time in a long while, sitting reading a Sunday Paper. Will nod off if I'm not careful! #

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