Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • Might make interesting hack project: but would need to relocte my workshop. #
  • If you look at it looks like we've stopped showering. I have to be a plumber at w/end as electric shower broken. #
  • Third mystery letter from Berlin arrived this week. More painted canvas type material inside. #
  • Researching rocket construction; need 35mm film can and Alka seltza tablets. Maybe Freecycle will come up trumps on the film cans. #
  • James May's thoughts on a Defender; good stuff. I would just love to lay one down for Grace. She'd be happy. #
  • What's a bit? #
  • Successful rocket launch completed with daughter; 35mm film can, cardboard, gaffer tape, water & alka seltza. #
  • My nephew: Cheeky, but NSFW RT @PeteNottage: Crudely-drawn cocks plus amazing animation equals #
  • Electric shower replaced. Plumbers need have no fear for their jobs, though. #
  • Hooray! Postman has delivered Amazon package with "Practical Arduino" inside. #
  • Tidying the study. Found a Christmas present which I should have given to SWMBO a month ago. Anyway, She likes it now! #
  • More tidying; one ATA & one network hub eliminated=power saving. Long way to go before currentcost not needed! #

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