Today was Rocket Launch Day

Three prototype rockets

Three prototype rockets by Grace

Grace came home from school distraught that her teacher had canceled the Rocket practical for tomorrow, and would simply demonstrate one herself.  Grace has been immersed in rocketry for the whole week, and spent all her playtime reading and planning a rocket to beat them all!

When I got home she’d already made three prototypes, although I suspect our fuel system would not be enough to lift them off the launch pad at all, so together we set about making the 35mm can version after some rather fraught piano practice.

Rocket, 35mm film can & gaffer tape

Rocket, 35mm film can & gaffer tape

First version rather fell apart when it met water.

We then set about making a more study version, and  by means of gaffer tape (daddy’s favourite construction material), cardboard and the 35mm film can, we ended up with something that might withstand slightly more wetness and rough and tumble.

First attempt at launch failed as we had problems sealing the combustion chamber, but the second go was completely successful, and the rocket rose about three centimeters from the floor.  Much rejoicing.


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