Be a blacksmith for a day

Hand Forged candlestick

Well, on Friday, last week, I travelled to the village of Much Hadham in Hertfordshire to meet Richard Maynard, the village blacksmith to spend a day experiencing the business of forging steel.

Well, what a fabulous day it was. After a few practice pieces and a cup of welcome tea I set about making a candlestick which we had sketched out. It’s a most satisfiyng experience, forging the steel, and the results for even a novice are really excellent. Lunch at the local pub followed by making the twist in the stem of the stick. Richard did the welding for me (H&S regs!) and it was done. Time also allowed me to convert one of the practice pieces into a poker. The forge is a museum as well, and well worth a visit of you’re in that neck of the woods.

Hand forged poker

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