TiVo = Boat Anchor

Very sad and frustrating news today that the UK Series 1 TiVO users are to lose their program guide service later this year. For those of us that shelled out nearly four hundred quid for the box and another £200 for a lifetime subscription it really does feel like we’ve been shafted somewhat. I know a service can’t go on for ever, but I thought a lifetime might be more than nine years.

Although we’re being offered a replacement via Virginmedia, it’s not only wildly expensive, but you have to be in a VM Cable area. Where I am, in a prosperous town in the South East of the UK even that’s not possible to take advantage of (even if it had been financially attractive, which it isn’t).

I’m certainly not the only one who’s feeling aggrieved. Here’s hoping a roll-you-own service can be rigged up by the community – something that was always frowned on in the UK (understandably and rather gentlemanly not wanting to poach TiVo’s revenue stream) but has been seen in other territories. Time to get tougher, I guess.

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