Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Eeek! Humor is born out of truth. It still hits you hard, though. #
  • Looking at The Boys Own Paper Nov 1948 at design for valve radio; built it 25yrs ago – could I do it again? Or shall I try a modern kit? #
  • Waiting for a telephone conference call to start……. #
  • just lost a game of junior monopoly (but the result was engineered to keep the peace) #
  • Trying to persuade my daughter to go to bed and go to sleep. #
  • Further investigation of a Movable Type error message which does not tell the whole truth. #
  • We seem to have far too much red on our web monitors right now. Somethings has stopped doing what it should. All sites going off-air…. #
  • Time for a nibble from my new customised box – if you want a try a free box of goodness yourself, use code 1B3RVD7 #
  • More Linux/Citrix shenanigins – successful this time. Now to see if it will work over 3G link as well! #
  • My sister's boxer has just had a 10th puppy in litter, sixteen hours after the first. #
  • now home. time for a beer #
  • Busy day ahead fixng up systems for data ceneter power work. Changes required pose exciting challenges! #
  • Long long copy in progress – will have to come back top the office later to perform further magic #
  • Had chinese TA for supper. My very, very long copy has barfed. Working out how best to go forward now. #
  • Well – that looks like the MT stuff working from the alternate DC – a few more files to finish copying, though! #

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