Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • The stars strike me as being somewhat pink. Crescent moon also has a pinkish shade to it . #
  • Starting estimate for work left to do to get Movable Type completely set up for the business we sold so they can be independent of us. #
  • Completed an estimate for Movable Type work required. Orginally told they had the expertise to implement and manage a system. They don't. #
  • Hacking the Wii and trying to get daughter to bed at the same time = stress #
  • A few lonely wiggly vapour trails in a bright blue sky this morning. #
  • Time to leave the office and drive back to what I hope will still be sunny Dorking. #
  • Web team here discussing the collecive noun for DBAs; is it a "Select" of DBAs or a "Cluster"? #
  • Just back from a fantastic meal for SWMBO's birthday at La Barbe, Reigate. Mmmmmmm. #
  • Free-cycle sourced acquisition of an old sewing machine now working after tweaking – sort of mechanical hacking, I s'pose. Grace pleased. #
  • Daughter happily playing my SCUMM Indiana Jones FoA on the Wii. All the Wii games disks now on a USB Hard Drive. Nice & Tidy. #

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