Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Looking for a spare SIM for the GSM modem. Where have I put you to keep you safe? #
  • Unfortunate 4×4 had skidded on ice and ended up on its side near Gadbook this morning. Happens at the same place everytime. #
  • Must have missed the flood at Betchworth – was OK yestrday PM, this morning clear as well, but signs were up and a car abandoned by bridge. #
  • Looking for a mini server to take 4 video cam feeds that will output over IP network WITHOUT needing IE to view the streams. #
  • Coming to grief with GSM modem and memory of AT commands. #
  • Daughter has started sending me SMS messages from SWMBO's mobile "Let's get G a present" and other mystery phrases #
  • A blue-tit finally takes up residence in the box on the side of our shed. Still from NestCam: "Having a snooze". #

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