Making Bread

Last night I tried a recipe for making a batch of bread that will keep as dough in the fridge for days and can be cooked in small loaves to suit. As our bread machine went the way of all gadgets that get well used some while ago now, I thought it was about time our daily bread ration was again produced in-house.

Mixing the dough took less than 5 minutes – and it rose very impressively ready to be stored.

Up early this morning to take a blob, prepare the oven and cook it – and thirty minutes later a lovely looking boule was extracted from the oven. After cooling comes tasting!

Oh dear – rather too salty and so the rest of the dough mix has been abandoned, the recipe note adjusted and a mental note to get some more flour made. I’ll have to lug that half the length of Sutton High Street tomorrow.

It turned out that Grace ate the rest of the loaf, post my samples, and declared it very fine! I don’t think so, but if she enjoyed it then it’s a result.

Another episode with next results in a few days.


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