Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • WFH today. Citrix being a bit of a whatsit. Despite that., it's very peaceful and the view more relaxing than south London. #
  • O2 to send a new b/b router as existing one has been restarting every few mins. all last night. At least OK now except set at slower speed. #
  • Attempting to be diplomatic. #
  • Playing with piped gzipping across ssh and running out of space again. #
  • "This copy of windows is not genuine" Utter tosh! #
  • Managed to get my #Chumby to display the 24hr power graph image from #Pachube every few minutes. #
  • Off home now. Hope the river at Betchworth is still flooding the road! #
  • Water subsided since this morning so need to wait for more rain #
  • Off to look for water. #

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