Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Doing weird things with Movable Type imports. Might be very successful. #
  • Early start today at 7:45. Canteen breakfast at desk. Multiple perl and wget site scrapes. Hope editor decides how many pages he really has. #
  • This Movable Type import work really feels like voodo magic. It may even work! #
  • Hooray: Site now running on Movable Type. Only slightly frayed (the site, that is). Me: happy. #
  • more regex magic for microscope. #
  • Finally upgrd firmware for my Grandstream BT200 VOIP phone by getting intermediate versions. GS Support didn't know it had to be this way. #
  • It must have been the rasberry jam on my toast this morning that's put me in such a good mood today. Even my PDP work was almost fun! #
  • School office messed up passing music bag to Grace so she missed piano lesson. Grrrr. #
  • Home brewed beer still in good condition, if a little cooler than I'd prefer as it lives in the shed. It's jolly cold out there. #
  • Client happy with new web site livery. Joy. What a way to spend a Saturday! #
  • It is about 40 years since I was last here in Bentalls and it has changed a bit #
  • Heinz Tomato soup, a swirl of fresh cream and some home made croutons = peace and calm. #

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