Nice result

After a day spent slaving at my Performance Assessment for 2009, an exercise that becomes more frustrating, pointless and quicker (as I’m getting better at the corporate speak) each year, I’ve had a little work result.

I had to set up a Sawmil log analysis server at the end of last year – and as is the way with stuff you want to get clear of, there was a bug.  Ticket raised, but no clear answer – just the usual “have you tried this” and so forth.  The error was evidenced by a message saying a log file couldn’t be created – and my ticket expressly asked where the log file was – along with a bunch of other diagnostic data helpfully supplied (quite a nice error handling system, I thought).  Anyway, the supplier had to be chased for resolution, after confirming there was still a fault.

The result is that there is a workaround, but you have to let the application create an executable lock file in the cgi-bin directory. Ugh!  At least I can move on, though.

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