Getting my blog up and running again

It’s about time that I made the effort to get this blog finally up and running properly – with some sort of regular posting going on.  Too many attempts at this in the past have fizzled out – but, working in the IT/Publishing industry, and managing the technology for an installation of over 250 blogs for the UK’s largest business publishing company, it’s about time I did what I do!

Of some note is that this is a WordPress based blog – yet at work I deal exclusively with Movable Type.  Both make good blogs, but it strikes me that the most important thing is to use the most appropriate tools for the job in hand.  For large scale business publishing I don’t think Movable Type can be bettered for us.  Running it on Linux, though, is an absolute must.  The work installation I inherited was two front end Windows 2003 IIS servers with a MySQL/Linux database.  Today, thankfully, it’s twelve front end Linux hosts with MySQL databases (still on Linux).

One or two blogs are worth a mention from this group:

Kitchen Rat, possibly my favourite
Mannerisms – from the wonderful David Manners and his slant on the electronics industry
Any of the Farmers Weekly Blogs

They all keep me amused, and very gainfully employed but back to this blog…

WordPress claims to be famous for it’s five-minute set up – but it took me rather longer.  Some of this was the interminable FTPing of files back and forth, and some was a rather daft attempt at an in-place upgrade which went wrong.  I think it was the style sheets or theme for the older WP version that caused the invisible pages, but a complete scrub and restart  from scratch finally did the trick.  WordPress always remind you to back-up before you start anything like this, and although I’ve never had a problem like this before, ignoring the advice will always bite you in the bum eventually.  I should have known that!

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